From Pack to Party in 60 seconds

Bring the party wherever you go with this 6-piece set of classic party essentials. We designed a tournament-sized pong table to incorporate multiple games and include PongCaddie nets to ensure for regulated & swift gameplay. When the party is over, pack it up into a 2ft x 2ft briefcase for next time.

Packaging Specs

24"L x 24"H x 4"W

14.5 lbs

Includes the 6 Essential Party Items:

• 8 ft. Regulation Table

• 22 PongCaddie Solo Cups

• 4 PongCaddie Pong Balls

• 2 PongCaddie Nets

• 1 Deck of Playing Cards

• 1 Dry Erase Marker

Specifically Designed with 4 Games in Mind.

1. Pong

2. Flip-Cup

3. 4-Corners

4. Kings Cup

Our Patented Netting System Will Catch the Balls!

Our strategically-designed netting system catches overthrown shots and rogue bounces while allowing more playing and less searching for filthy balls.

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